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Sequoia Institute provides programs designed to meet the needs of lifelong learners. We help in developing marketable skills, which enable GAME members to further establish careers in business, professional, and technical fields.

The programs at Sequoia Institute are designed for GAME members who would benefit from an education that focuses on industry professionals and practicality. 

Disclaimer:  Sequoia Institute meets the qualifications for exemption from regulation under the California Education Code (CEC) section 94874 (b)(1). Sequoia Institute is sponsored by the Global Association of Managers and Executives (GAME). Sequoia Institute is an exclusive school for members of our sponsoring organization. Any person interested in enrolling in Sequoia Institute’s programs must first become a member of the GAME. All members of GAME are free to become students of Sequoia Institute and enroll in any of the school’s programs. Organizational members enjoy many benefits including networking, education, and seminar opportunities.

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Some of our Courses

Associate of Science in Computer Science (AS)

Morrison University Associate of Science in Computer Science degree programs are designed to prepare students for entry to intermediate level management positions in computer science. Students learn the important functions associated with their specialty area of study and apply their knowledge to actual business situations. Emphasis is placed on developing conceptual knowledge and skills as well as the application of that knowledge base.

Associate of Arts in Business Management (AA)

Professional and skilled managers are the front line of business success. As a manager you have a responsibility to your employees and your company to make sure everyone is meeting their goals effectively and on-time. Our comprehensive Associate of Arts in Business Management program will help you learn how to manage people and resources with great results.


Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSc)

Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree designed to assist those interested in a career in accounting. Please check local regulations regarding number of credits necessary to sit for CPA exam.


Bachelor of Art in Business Management (BA)
Bachelor of Art in Business Management degree program provides a specialized business curriculum and general education studies that are enhanced by an academic emphasis on analysis, understanding and cognitive development. The program is designed to prepare students for career opportunities in business, government, and society. Emphasis is placed on conceptual knowledge and understanding.


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